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Fun and Adventure

Tom Oskam has always loved riding his bike and has always tried to find a way to do so. Tom has been lucky enough to experience some of the best mountain bike locations around the world. His passion for riding has led him down the path of trail building, mountain bike guiding and coaching. He enjoys connecting with people, especially when biking is involved!  Tom has built trails since kindy and has 6 years experience in professional trail building here in New Zealand as well as in Canada and Australia.

Peter and Louise Oskam are not only Tom's mum and dad, but also sponsors of M&D Racing when Tom was riding competitively. Both are mountain bikers with previous business experience and are keen to be part of the fun that comes with being on the team of a mountain bike park in an extra special location!


Our history on this  land

Making land use sustainable

Our 52 ha piece of land has been home on and off for 30 years. Purchased as a sheep and beef block and farmed it as part of a larger operation with trees  always been in the mix. Early planting of pine trees, exotics species along with  the older orchard and the small hillside bush area.
7 years ago Peter and Louise took full ownership of the  52ha and made a commitment to the land to restore and enhance the land with trees and bush. This started the conversations about how might this special piece of land, be financially sustainable without traditional farming.
We all have an interest in mountain biking and Tom had some serious skills in trail building. We all agreed it was more than worth giving a mountain bike park a go. The first track was built summer 2019 when Tom was home from Canada. The rest followed starting early 2020 and the number and type of trails has grown since then. 
These compliments the continuing regeneration work as the space is special to be in and has many different activities, not least of all mountain biking.


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