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Relax    Connect    Reset

Takahuri Retreats (formally That Place Wellness Retreats)

invites you into a quiet place along the Whanganui River, away from the noise. A place to relax into the space, connect with what you have been missing and reset your mind and body in nature.

Takahuri means to change or turn and is the name of the land. As the Whanganui River flows past the property it changing direction several times. This section of the river is not well known nor well travelled so a place to relax and enjoy.

Our invitation is to slowdown, and participate in gentle and active movement practices, learn traditional Māori weaving, an invitation to explore areas of your life with intention. Learn about plants and creating balms and teas.

If you have a group of friends or work mates that are looking for a focused time away, we can customise an offering that better suits you needs. Be it an active high energy retreat or a more creative time we can work with you to craft the right solution.

Lunch, morning and afternoon tea provided

The food will primarily be seasonal and plant based.


Wear clothes that are suited to a little light exercise, Bring comfortable walking shoes and gumboots if you have them 

Takahuri Retreats seeks to uphold the spirit of the river, the land and the people.

Next Wellness Retreat
10th-11th May

Some rustic accommodation available onsite.

No upcoming events at the moment

About Us

Our Wellness Retreats are designed to help you recenter and relax, to get you away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and stresses. This is all about you!


Our Story

Good things take time and so it has been with the progress to where we are now. The 52 hectares at the end of the Kaiwhaiki Rd was purchased by the Oskam family in 1988. While we farmed it as a sheep and beef block at the beginning we could see it had so much more to offer than a great place to raise a family. Before long we had an orchard and had starting our long term plan for planting trees.

In 2017 we decided it was time to bite the bullet and remove the stock from the land and complete our planting program with a view to the future.

Tom, our eldest son came home in 2020 to develop That Place Mountain Bike Park. So we now have trees, dams and trails all over the hill along with a very rustic woodshed.

What is next is developing Wellness Retreats and so for the last nine months our group of practitioners have been working together to craft a Wellness Retreat offering, 

Meet The Facilitators

Cathy Randall


My name is Cathy Randall. I have a passion for the practice of Raranga ( traditional Maori weaving) with 8 years of creative learning.

I enjoy helping others to participate in this creative practice by teaching tikanga (rules & practices) around karakia, harvesting and weaving. My other passion is "the work" of Byron Katie, using enquiry to exam stressful situations. This practice has benefited me greatly in my daily life. I love to pass this practice on.

Charisma Siedenburg


My name is Charisma. I am a certified personal trainer and a Registered Exercise Professional in NZ. I started as an ACE certified (American Council on Exercise) group fitness instructor at 19 yrs old and taught various styles of exercise thorough out the years. I earned my Bachelors Degree in nursing and worked as an ED & PACU nurse.

From nursing to fitness, staying healthy is my top priority. Keeping joints & muscles strong & mobile is one of the best ways to prevent injury, reverse chronic pain, reduce stress & keep you feeling young longer.

Whether you are new to exercise or exercise regularly, todays session will work your whole body in movement, strength & flexibility.

Beth Savage


My name is Beth Savage and I am a trained Leadership Coach.

Coaching is one of my passions, being with people and creating a space  allowing you to explore new ideas, and empower you to grow in areas that are important to you. Coaching is not about giving you a quick fix or to solve your problem. It builds on your strengths, creating more awareness and grow your confidence.

Louise Oskam


I'm Louise Oskam the manager at That Place.

My role is making sure things happen.  A career as a physiotherapist and people manager along with a passion for all things creative, has given me experience in some pretty cool successful projects.

I believe we all have something wonderful to share with the world, sometimes we just need to be given an opportunity to realise what that might be.


Emma Dickinson

Hi there, I have a background in Early Childhood Education, and a preteen energetic son! Now as a Certified Massage Therapist, I provide a nurturing service from a grounded, heart-based and intuitive approach.

Yoga has been one of many explorations and practices in my life journey of inquiry and reflection. With an Iyengar Yoga Certification and Rainbow Kids Yoga Certification, I teach various age groups and skill levels from children, teens to more mature bodies.

I offer a session here, inviting all to recenter, being curious to connect more deeply with the body-mind and relax while listening to the natural sounds of the environment. I look forward to being with you, Heart bow, Emma.

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